Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Some Of Hamilton Nolan's Peeps Aren't Too Sharp

Most likely privileged, inexperienced, ignorant, and pretty fucking dumb, but that's the problem with gossip kids: they're idiots and many of them will never mature.  Nature of the beast, I guess.

Probably not worth explaining to those hopeless morons that the purpose of ANY job and EVERY job is only a living wage to maintain the individual and fuel the economy.  It doesn't fucking matter whether you are a lunch lady or a corporate lawyer or a basketball player.  Too many of those dipshits are never going to understand that.  The only purpose any employer serves, even Harvard, is to employ people.  Whatever the enterprise is supplying, selling, or building is secondary.  That very simple concept should not be too hard to figure out, but America is exceptionally fucking dumb.

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