Tuesday, April 4, 2017

And The Amateur Idiots Of College Confidential Give The Serotta Forum A Run For Their Money

The most annoying white people on Earth are not only found on the Serotta Forum.  Jesus frakking christ.  This woman thinks she is so funny.  And she's not.  I'm not sure how it's spelled, but it is pronounced hackneyed.  Or maybe in English it's trite.  Whatevs.  She's a special flavor of awful--and would look just lovely on a faster-backwards Serotta.  What's great is that she somehow got into a pissing contest with the moronic masters of College Confidential and is apparently banned.  Her kid is attending one of our barely-if-at-all selective private colleges and universities.  Plus she's a slow-witted establishment Dem.  Fucking genius. 

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