Monday, April 3, 2017

The Dems And Their Party Are Too Stupid To Live

If this is the sort of mush-headed thinking that goes into making an establishment Dem voter, then clearly the party as a whole couldn't flicker a 1/2-watt bulb after a bazillion cups of coffee.  The worst part is that all those things Ralph Nader and others like have said about the Democratic Party are 100% true.  The Dems care nothing about winning or governing or policy if that requires abandoning the same right-wing masters controlling the GOP.  All the Dems really care about are clashes at the most marginal margins and nothing at all about fundamental change.  A party focused on winning would co-opt the ideas and energy and supporters of the most popular politician in America and use that to vanquish their enemies.  Except that the Dems enemies aren't in the GOP.  Poor dumb bastards like that drooling fucktard Eric Garland who flops into that twitfest at some point won't ever figure that out.

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