Monday, April 3, 2017

The Dumbest Thing Ever On The Interwebs, Even When Compared To The Rest Of Reddit

Even compared to the rest of Reddit, this is hilariously inept.  This prolix blather is exactly what numbskull Hillary supporters think intelligent argument is.  They're wrong.  Most of what that idiot cocksucker wrote is either completely false or astoundingly overblown.  The meat of his inanity is that the Dem states that Hillary won in the primary wouldn't have voted for Sanders in the general, which is utter nonsense.  The extreme polarization of the electorate is actually what killed Clinton, as she underestimated her need for campaigning so totally that a few thousand disenchanted and disaffected Dems made all difference.  The truth that the poor stupid Reddit asswipe doesn't understand is that Sanders would have easily won all the states Clinton took, plus Florida, plus those rust-belt states that happened to be swing states.  Sanders may have underperformed Clinton--maybe--in the popular vote by a few hundred thousand votes at the most, but that would not have done anything to undo Sanders' electoral college landslide.  Mutton-headed neoliberal establishment Dems will never understand that very simple concept, so they will continue to puke up the same blithering horseshit till they die.  I wonder if this mental-defective Reddit stooge is actually Eric Garland or Peter Daou?

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