Friday, February 24, 2017

Conservative Free Speech Is Not Free

But some of these dumb bunnies should form their own down-market Serotta Forum.  Jesus.  Here's a pro-tip: when some far-right extremist group pretends to defend everyone's right to expression, they are liars.  True defenders of free speech won't focus on defending the well-funded thugs and bullies over the powerless every fucking time.  Eventually, anyone interested in free expression will acknowledge that insane right-wind demagogues do not make important, valid points on race or economics or science and should not be given equal time in an educational environment where scholarship and proof reign.  Individual rights and free expression are paramount, but the funders of the Heritage Foundation and the NRA and the rest of the right-wing disinformation machine are not interested in anyone's rights to free expression, so fuck them in the eye holes.

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