Saturday, February 25, 2017

Tom Perez: Obama's Final Atrocity

Obama, the man who is responsible for destroying two questionable American institutions in the presidency and the Democratic Party, now commits his final act of neoliberal destruction with the installation of Tom Perez as DNC chair.  Obama put Perez in the race after the entire Democratic Party had lined up behind Ellison because Ellison was not beholden to the same nakedly corrupt and grossly incompetent Obama/Clinton infrastructure which had decimated the party and put Trump in the presidency, nor was Ellison slavishly beholden to the corrupt party establishment including human garbage fires like Haim SabanAt long last enough marginally rational Dems should be able to see that their party is nothing but right-wing trash and get the fuck out while the getting is good in sufficient numbers to make a political difference.  Obama delivered Trump to the White House and destroyed the Dems in Congress and in nearly every state.  Since Obama's election in 2008 the Dems have lost essentially every contest and social and economic progress has been non-existent.  Obama sought only personal glory at the expense of working for any of that actual progress whatsover, and now he's finally delivered the death blow to his party.  That's exceptional work for the very first non-whiteguy president.  Thanks, Obama.

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