Thursday, February 23, 2017

Excellent Longer Read On The Real Campus Free Speech Battle Being Waged By The Right Wing Petty Fascist Ass-Clown Goon Squad

Gossip kids guest star Peter Moskowitz.  As usual, the true enemies of expression and free speech--and facts--are never in any meaningful way the "liberals" or the leftists anywhere, anytime in history but instead are always the right-wing conservatives.  It's not just the truth about Palestine and Israel, elementary scientific principles, and basic economics that are the enemies of rabidly ignorant reactionary conservatives, but just about anything of any import regarding personal freedom, politics, inclusion, and progress are viciously attacked by the fucktards in order to prevent education and impede progress at any level.  Moskowitz does a great job unpacking one facet of this atrocity.  Well worth the time.

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