Friday, February 17, 2017

When The Dems Don't Vote Make Keith Ellison DNC Chair, Can We Finally Flush That Party Once And For All?

Ellison is a centrist, loyal Democrat, but the Democratic Party is a right-wing, neoliberal shithole, so when the Dems reject Ellison, that should be the (final) sign to anyone on the left or center-left in the USA that the Dems are part of the problem.  I mean, sure, you should have seen it years, decades, longer, before, but in the era of Trump and the destruction of the GOP, the time is now to destroy the Dems, too.  Ellison wants the Democratic Party to succeed, but once the Dems go with the Clintonite cocksucker in his place, he should start finding like-minded politicians who want to actually start winning with policies that at least have a chance to help redeem American society.

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