Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Leaking Leakers Who Leak Leaks

Might be the only thing to save us from ourselves.  More transparency!  More funfetti!  But this is what you get after Trump destroyed the Republican Party and the Republican Party is the American "government".  The chaos, insanity, and radioactive incompetence have loosed every fucker in the national police agencies to figure now's the time to get in on the laughs--and those nasty fuckers in our exceptional American police/spying infrastructure are to a man more rotten than Trump's people.  Nobody's gonna be trusting anyone now, for good reason.  And after Hillary's fucktardery put the ultimate nail in the Dems, nobody is going to be around to reap the spoils after the blood dries and the heads stop rolling.  Interesting times 'n shit.

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