Thursday, March 23, 2017

Atrios Mans Up And Tells The Truth About Obama

Pretty good step when you do/did collect your check from David Brock.  And the fluffers sure as shit ain't gonna like it.  And while Obama wasn't Trump, Obama sucked wicked bad.  He was a rock-ribbed conservative and loyal servant of the American Empire; every time he had the opportunity to use his authority to advance any of the progressive or left-ish ideals to which he claimed fealty, he adamantly refused. Obama protected the American ruling class and the status quo with every breath he took as President.  He also continued our endless war against the poor and helpless around the world.  Not what we needed.  At all.  Herr Professor Doktor Duncan B. Black steps out and tells some truth.  Finally.  Keep it up, dude.

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