Friday, March 24, 2017

The LA Times' Ann Friedman Seems Nice

She's right, too: Chelsea Clinton has never gotten a break.  It's been a tough life for Chelsea.  She had to work her way through college working 3 or 4 jobs at a time while supporting her husband and kids, too.  Rough.  Even after finally finishing college, it wasn't easy to for poor Chelsea to find steady work.  She could have used a break, I guess.  That's all it would have taken.  Somebody to look out for her.  That's not the way world works, though.  Everybody has to make it on their own.  Nobody gives you any special favors.  Chelsea Clinton understands that better than most.  She's earned everything she has.  On her own.  Nobody's help.  An exceptional American bootstraps story.  Chelsea Clinton is a fucking hero.  Ann Friedman is a brave and wise truth-teller.

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