Friday, March 31, 2017

Serotta Forum Twits V Speedvagen

There's nothing in the world these idiots can't misunderstand.  Not a SV type girl myself--I'd get a Strong or Rock Lobster ten million times before I'd buy a Speedvagen.  I'd even get a five-years-ago Gaulzetti first.  But the the amazing thing about SV/Vanilla/Sacha White is that he and they managed to create such a stupendous marketing success off of a few finegoodokay bikes/frames built by a bike messenger who took a framebuilding class who just happened to be smart enough to raise his prices by a factor of five or so as soon as he got any recognition at all.  That was genius beyond even what Richard Sachs pulled off, atmo.  All those framebuilder and wannabe framebuilder dudes who give up building or need to keep their day jobs as middle school teachers couldn't do what that Sacha White dude did.  That's what's interesting here.  As usual, the twits supply almost exactly as much trenchant insight and analysis you'd expect from a carp. 

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