Wednesday, March 22, 2017

David Crockett: Soft-Headed And Puffy Aspiring Clinton Pissboy--America Would Be Better Off Listening To TV's Sonny Crockett

Ah, the insouciant inanity of feckless youth and privilege.  This Crockett shithead is really making a mistake when he goes after anybody brighter than he is--and that's alota folks.  Matt Bruenig has been an extra-extra large amount of fun kicking this idiot around.  (Bruenig has the huge advantage of being right about this shit, right about the Clintons and the Hillary campaign; right about Sanders being the most popular politician in the United States by a huge margin; right about the destructive nature of neoliberal Clintonism with regards to the Dems and America.  He's also a proven and effective asshole, which is why mutton-heads like David Crockett should stay way the fuck away from incisive thinkers like Bruenig.)  And then Luke Savage steps up to curb the fatuous Crockett while he's bleeding there in the gutter just because it's what America demands--or should.  But there he is, this Crockett shitstain, chugging away doing his best to appeal to the neoliberal Democratic Clinton establishment so that they'll employ his fat ass carrying their steaming rancid piss around in buckets for them when he gets through with law school.  That's exceptional!  But if you're looking for brains--or style--clearly ditch this loser David Crockett and go with a brilliant young go-getter like Sonny Crockett, America!

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