Monday, March 13, 2017

When A Gossip Kid Reaches His Limit

I get it. Gossip kids are just kids, even if they're 30 or 50 or 110.  They need to grow.  That's perfectly fine.  While like most kids, they suffer from a lack of experience and imagination, they are also easily upset.  What they probably can't get is that the blue states, without the meth-labs of democracy in the Confederacy holding them back, they will be able to engender some of the actual progress being retarded by the influence of Trump voter-types and other racist reprobate shitbirds.  Were the blue states able to instill the values of freedom, health care, education, equality, and all that good shit on their own, that might pave the way for the red state fucktards to enjoy some of that progress as well down the line.  That's the point.  Of course it's not practical on its face, but should the stronger economies and more intelligent populations within the USA start to act politically in their own interests even a little bit, big changes would be a-comin'.  Isn't that what most sane people want.

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