Friday, May 26, 2017

Is It Fair To Want The Black Gossip Kids To Be Sharper Than The Rest Of The Gossip Kids?

Surely not.  But much like when you see a black Republican or a black Hillary supporter, it's infuriating because somehow the African-American experience should, at some level, work against being a mundane clueless asshole like the average white idiot.  That's not the case though, and reading comprehension is hard no matter your complexion, obviously.  Jesus, it's not like the fucking Handmaid's Tale was gods-damned Finnegans Wake or anything.  The most egregiously unrealistic thing in the book was not the ethnic cleansing of all the non-whites, but instead the new nation being called Gilead.  Any real theocratic teabagging America would retain USA in its new name, like Saviour's Republic of the United States or some shit like that.  No old-timey, Jewey, old-Testament name would cut it with your average bed-wetting Proud Boy.

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