Friday, May 26, 2017

James Comey Is An Idiot--Blame Obama

Obama is the fucking reactionary nitwit who put this fucktard in charge of the United States national police force.  Brilliant!  Comey was apparently easily duped into believing an obviously fake document might be released and then decided for some fucking reason to treat it as legitimate.  That's a special kind of genius right there.  The Russian "subversion" of our sacred democracy amounted to nothing more than a few half-hearted juvenile attempts to fuck with some idiots and troll the press, but our august elites couldn't tell that a few bullshit items written in purple crayon were fakes, so they lost what little minds they had.  I'm so glad Barack Obama used his office to place Comey and his ilk in such a position of influence at such a delicate time.  Jesus.

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