Saturday, May 27, 2017

This Boarding School Father Is Really Fucking Creepy

This post is legendary on the twit homestead of College Confidential, and the purported seven father sounds sincere, but as you read through it you realize he's an entitled creep.  First off, thinking that Groton school is somehow tainted because a kid couldn't handle it is fucking stupid.  Believing that St. Paul's does not share your family values--but DuPont vanity school St. Andrew's does--probably means your family values are icky and gross.  The only decent people, or should I say best people on that forum, are the ones who don't give their opinions so much as try to get the twits to think for themselves.  A few scamps who like to stir the shit and rub the noses of the simpering, sanctimonious, over-privileged twatwaffles on that board in their own idiocy are also cool in my book.  Rock on, sisters and brothers!

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