Saturday, February 4, 2017

Conclusive Evidence The Upper-Class Twits Are Not Very Smart

Their kids are pretty seriously intellectual pack-fill, too. Jesus.  Mediocre offspring of over-privileged dimwits is what is surely not exceptional in America.  These people are morons.  Like the dope who supposedly got accepted at Cornell or some shit in the early 80s but couldn't possibly afford to go.  That sounds like bullshit, as they had financial aid back then, but then again, some people are fucking dickheads.  That dumb fucker doesn't get the top schools these days meet all need, so if you are smart and not rich, Yale is not a problem.  It ain't like it was in '81.

Then there's the poor dumb bastard whose kid was too fucking stupid to get a Merit Scholarship but also too fucking stupid to take a full ride somewhere else and is paying big bucks with dumb grandpa and dumber dad money to go to UT.  Not a good plan.  And UT sucks.  Whoever was going to give her a full ride was a better choice than UT, and if she didn't agree, we know why she didn't get a Merit Scholarship.  Either the grandfather or father should have been bright enough to explain to her that if you wanna be a doctor, all you gotta do is get As and that free is always your top choice.  But we already knew the girl was a nitwit.

And those ignorant rich white trash fucknuts think Baylor is an elite school!  They'd shit themselves if they knew what Princeton was really like.  Or, hell, Exeter would make their heads explode.

What the fuck is the matter with these fucking idiots?  America really is too exceptionally stupid to go on.

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