Thursday, March 9, 2017

Sorry Stupid Twits Are Sorry And Stupid Because Sorry And Stupid

Most of the self-selected dimwits in this cohort have no idea how anything works, not just health care in the USA.  And yes, a few of them are Trumptard teabagging assholes, but the rest are just sort of timid victims of their own ignorance and lack of mental acuity.  Those poor stupid bastards are the ones who are suffering now because of the failed leadership in the Democratic Party over the last 70 years.  They're not in the racist Republican camp, but they are helpless and hopeless Americans who should shut the fuck up and demand Medicare For All right fucking now because history and economics proves it works and will cut costs significantly.  But they won't because they've been cowed their entire lives by the ever more rightwing Dems into being timid and soft-headed followers.  Sad!  They would still fit in great on the Serotta Forum, atmo. 

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