Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Van Jones And Marcy Wheeler, Two More Exceptional American Ass Clowns

Van Jones was always a small, insignificant man.  He had a reputation of being just that much smarter than everyone else, but once in the spotlight, he showed he was just an impotent careerist weasel like all the rest of the shitbirds in D.C.  Wheeler also had an undeserved rep as some sort of interwebs intellectual, but now she's doing everything possible to show the world she's as big a fatuous bonehead as anyone looking to squeeze a dime from the Democratic establishment.

Rather than normalizing the insane and violent exploitation of poor dead bastards and their weeping wives by fuckknobs like Donald Trump, how bout some of these media darlings talk about Owens' father.  That might do some good instead of sucking Trump's dick some more.  Being a war-mongering idiot does not make you presidential.  At least it shouldn't.  But that's not what the establishment media says.  Exceptional! 

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