Friday, December 14, 2012

It's Time: Mandatory Concealed Carry For Every Kindergarten Student In America

The only sensible response to the Connecticut school shooting: mandatory concealed carry for kindergarteners.  Only when the 4, 5 & 6 year old American patriots can defend themselves in their classrooms with their own locked and loaded midget-sized Glocks will we finally become the white, Christian, heterosexual paradise that Jesus wanted when he founded America.  Until then, the liberals, the faggots, the commies, and foreigners will continue to weaken America and taint our vital fluids.  If any pussy children don't want to pitch in and bring a loaded handgun to school for their own defense, well those fucking cowardly commie fags can be home-schooled.


  1. Ha, ha... too late, the GOP's already buying-up Gock 36 in anticipation (they don't understand it's a privately held company, like Hornady and Kel Tec and you can't invest?) They could have their moms buy them if they present with ASD/ DMDD and it'd all be perfectly legal right now.

    1. and the teachers! arm the fucking teachers, too. make sure each one of those union thug assholes is packin' serious heat each day in the classroom so they can blast away at anybody who comes opens that door or acts up in class or gets an answer wrong! nra! nra!!